Krista Paulitti

Aesthetics drive me on since I can remember. Whether it is works of art, natural beauty or fashion, beauty fascinates me and arouses creative passions in me. After graduating from high school I concentrated on the most pleasing thing in my life: beauty and its secrets.

I attended a college of art and graduated with a diploma. Afterwards I worked as an interior designer and artist. At that time well-kept fingernails were already an interest of mine and I've always observed my own nail designer closely. So I decided to learn this craft myself. After my training as a nail designer, I then attended a specialist seminar from Tom Holcomb. Tom inspired, motivated and encouraged me not only to work as a nail artist in a studio, but also as an instructor.

Just a few months after the seminar with Tom, I continued my education further at one of the most prestigious nail academies in the world. I was fascinated by the fact that nail art has no limits. For this reason I have specialized in special nail shapes like Edge, Triangle or Stiletto. I left the Academy as an International Master for Gel and Acrylic Nail Design.

I run my own nail studio since 2010 in Zurich, which was known until 2014 under the name "Secret Nails". My team and I have continued to develop and have been working since 2014 under the company name "Secret Star". I am always inspired and can always offer my clients the latest techniques and trends because of a lively exchange with the best teachers, as well as through my activity as a jury member in international nail design competitions.